How does MBST work?

How does MBST® work

MBST® is held within a treatment unit that uses three different electro-magnetic fields. These fields alternate, reacting with the damaged cells to stimulate their regeneration, which results in increased function of the joint, often eliminating the need for surgery.

Patients can be treated with MBST whilst relaxing, lying down or in a chair, depending on the area being treated. Thus far, more than 220.000 patients have been treated with MBST, experiencing over 80 % success in treatment.

The science

MBST works the same way as an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan. When we have an MRI, the energy is reflected out and picked up by sensors, which is then turned into an image. MBST®, on the other hand, stimulates the hydrogen protons in your body using radio waves, putting them into a “high energy” state, which is then absorbed by the surrounding tissue.

When this ‘energy’ is absorbed by the tissue, it can be used to recharge the cell as it is the right resonance. This means, with repeated treatment, we can get the cell back to the right potential energy and healthily regenerate and turn back the clock on the cell making it “younger”.

MBST® relies on a globally patented therapy. The treatment units work via chip cards, which use different frequencies depending on what tissue is being treated.

MBST-Therapy is unique and should not be confused with other therapies such as PEMF, Shockwave and Magnetic Bracelets and Mattresses, as these only treat symptoms rather than the cause of pain.

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MBST® Magnetic-Resonance-Therapy stations are made in Germany. The manufacturer, MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH, works in accordance with international quality standards and has been certified in accordance with ISO 13485 since 2005 and ISO 9001.