MBST: Improving the Lives of People and Pets

Degenerative diseases affect us all. So, a revolutionary alternative approach to otherwise painful therapies could have a positive impact on the entire family – whether two legs or four.

MBST, for one, is transforming the lives of many. It is a non-invasive therapy with no known side effects. Studies have indicated that patients suffering from pain associated with osteoarthritis have reported a reduction in pain levels post-therapy. Other clinical studies have shown an increase in bone mass density after Magnetic Resonance Therapy.

Getting a Footballer Back in his Boots

A torn ACL is an unfortunately common occurrence for many in the sporting world, and it can have a profoundly negative prognosis: Months on the sidelines, endless hours of painful rehabilitation – not how one imagines spending their season.

So, imagine the delight of one young soccer player (indeed, the context is American) who, after two months of painful recovery, decided to trial MBST as part of his rehabilitation. Just three days into the process, both flexibility and mobility had markedly increased. So much so that – on returning to his physio – there were levels of disbelief at his rapid improvement.

Pushing the Boundaries of a Marathon Runner

If you’ve ever trained for a marathon, you know the schedule can be gruelling. You put your body through its paces and oftentimes, your legs will creak and groan; maybe even try to give up. Such was the case of an aspiring runner who was hoping to take part in an event, only for shin splints and the onset of Achilles tendinitis threatening to ruin her big push. MBST seemed like the last chance saloon in these desperate circumstances – time was running dry.

Fortunately, the treatment had a profound effect, not only resolving her shin splint issues but also stopping the tendinitis in its tracks. The speed with which the treatment worked meant that months of training would not go to waste; in fact – one marathon later – and she is (admittedly stiffly) planning what challenge to tackle on next.

Regaining Independence

A leg break threatened the working life of one patient, whose commute would not be achievable in the current state of pain. Thankfully, after early-stage MBST treatment laid the groundworks for the fracture to heal, follow-up sessions had the young professional travelling freely on the London Underground – without any assistance after just a few weeks.

Moreover, subsequent sessions reduced the risk of post-traumatic arthritis. Not only is the patient now taking the stairs two-at-a-time, but she’s also living her life medication-free – an astounding outcome after a sobering injury.

Horses to Dogs Heal Quicker with MBST

We put our pets through their paces, that much is true. So, when animals show any sign of discomfort, it is vital we act fast. Sadly, joint damage is a frequent occurrence in many thoroughbreds, and we often see pet owners worried about the onset of limping in their four-legged friend.

As MBST involves zero harmful rays, it is entirely safe for animals. They can even receive treatment in the comfort of their own beds or stables. Plus, injuries heal faster, with the positive effects lasting longer. So, owners can enjoy their pet being back to their bouncy selves.