I am not a Physiotherapist. I am not a Doctor, I am not a Scientist. Who I am and why I do what I do.

As MBST becomes more and more known, the comments from people who like to challenge also grow. Most recently comments on me and my capabilities.

Firstly I would like to express how I feel that network marketing companies should not allow their consultants to be allowed to say how they are health professionals, lifestyle coaches or business coaches as these individuals have not studied or at least have experienced enough to claim such titles. Nor do I agree with business coaches who approach businesses to coach and have not had many successful business under their belt. Therefore I am not about to tell you I am a health professional and you should buy medical machinery from me.

What I am to tell you is that I am lucky enough to work with MBST and have done for 5 years seeing its effects on hundreds of patients and I am passionate in knowing that it really is something that health professionals should be considering for the future. Already PEMF is being talked about and MBST’s capabilities blows it out of the water. We already see the science of MBST therapy – MRT working in communicating to a cell through MRI. Once it is understood by the right people the opportunity for the future and quality of life for an individual is exciting.

I am lucky enough to work with some of the best health professionals and scientists in the world, everyone has their own story, everyone has their why.

Mine starts with being a daughter to a Mother who has dedicated her life to her patients through Physiotherapy. From as long as I can remember I would spend my school holidays at my Grandfathers house where my Mother held her first Physiotherapy practice . Then after my Grandfather died Mum set up in our family home, to then today where she is now joining my brother and I in our MBST centre.

I want to state now this is not my attempt of an X factor story…

Physiotherapy and its impact for me as a child made it so my mother was not around as much as others it seemed. Mainly because Mothers’ service was her. The more Patients she saw the more income for us as a family. Especially when my Father was made redundant it was my Mother he looked after us as a family.

It did help that with Mum’s natural desire to care for people she was always and is so upbeat and happy.

I went to a very good school, top 25% in the country good school (not that you could tell from my grammar, punctuation and sentence structure nowadays), then I went on to University thinking I wanted to work in the media. I suppose for me I did not want to be a physio as I lived and breathed it so much as a child that I saw how it can take you away from your family and I didn’t want that for me. I have always wanted to be in a position that I know all I ever wanted was my own company so I could design my life. That thought and feeling was there and it niggled at me for years whilst I worked in corporate world.

I remember when I met the MBST technology for the first time. I came home from university one Christmas and Mum had this massive bed with a dome on it where the dining room table had been pushed back to make space. After the initial what the hell is that?! where are we going to eat Christmas dinner question came. Mum told me about how it was doing things for her patients that she was never able to do. She then progressed to show me letters and cards from patients thanking her, some even calling her an angel that she was able to get them better to a degree was never thought possible. Some even called it a magic machine. When in fact all it is, is science.

That was 2007. Time passed and I grew up going through life experiences. I had a privileged up bringing. We were never rich by any means but my parents worked together to enable Charles and myself to have within reason what we wanted. After university I was an Events manager for the UK’s biggest newspaper group. I enjoyed the job of putting on the events. But after one or two it got tedious and office politics was horrendous. It was the time of the recession and people around me were being redundant. I did not like the whole structure. I felt trapped as how my life seemed to be influenced on a decision of someone else. Instead of throwing in the towel of just 2.5 years of working life and not having any other options I looked to get a job in digital marketing with Europe’s biggest media company. I got the job and spent three years working across 34 diverse brands. Something was always missing and again being dictated to in the corporate world was not for me. I had quite a bit of anxiety. Living for the weekends and holidays over took my life. I spent more money than I could afford….

Then came a turn in life. April 16th 2011. Two friends of mine were shot dead in America and it was all over the world press. Seeing your friends and their families in so much pain over something so dark and mean was incomprehensible. What this did to me after a month being in a state where I did not want to talk to anyone nor did I want life to go back to normal was it made want to  take my own life by the horns.

At this point in life my only certainties were.

1)Mum was a well respected physio had this technology that was bringing to her practice more patients but also more hours.

2) Love, friendship and family is stronger than anything in this world and meant more than anything in this world.

3) Life fucking matters

4) I did not feel the sales of magazines or the listeners in radio made me feel like I was doing something great in my life that had substantial meaning.

5) MBST was a technology that actually worked enabling people to be painfree and more mobile without stressful operations and the shit you get with taking medication.

Mum had always said to me that the reason for her passion about MBST was not only for her patients but she so dearly wished that she had had MBST before her Father, my Grandfather had to have his double knee replacement. After the knee replacements he only had continuous health problems that led to his death. We were having lunch together and talking about life and I said to mum. “You don’t have to work such long hours anymore, people need to know about how MBST can help them on such a larger scale. It should be made available to all and we can do it.”

Our MBST centre was opened just 6 months later. November 2011.

Life throws things at us which yes makes us more determined, gives us action. Why can’t we just action things without the need on being reminded? Change and development is good for us. More things are possible then we first realise but sometimes we really have to be pushed.

Life now. I have had my MBST pilot centre for 5 years and it has touched a lot of peoples lives for the better. The company behind MBST itself is massively growing and winning awards. MBST is growing worldwide and for some reason in the UK it seems a little trickier to be accepted then anywhere else. There are 6 MBST centres in the UK. The technology itself is developing and has a ground breaking future in science and medicine.

What I wish for now is that more and more physios and health professionals see for their own eyes what MBST can bring to their work. To welcome the claims, to read the studies, to ask questions. All I have ever wanted is for MBST to be available for all. At the moment it is my family and the other physios who are passionately working with MBST in the UK leading it forward.I want to create a network across the UK with health professionals trusting the technology more and more on their patients. People themselves deserve other options.

Even if no-one reads this. It feels good for me to write this down. Thank you.

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