How does MBST work?

How does MBST® work

  • MBST® is made up of a treatment unit that uses three different electro-magnetic fields.
  • The magnetic fields alternate, reacting with the damaged cells in order to stimulate their regeneration. This results in increased function of the joint, often eliminating the need for surgery.
  • Patients can be treated whilst relaxing, lying down or in a chair, depending on the area being treated by MBST®.

The science

MBST® stimulates the hydrogen protons using radio waves, putting them into a ‘high energy’ state, this energy is then released in the same way as in MRI.

When we have an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) the energy is reflected out and picked up by sensors for the computer technology to turn this into an understandable image for us to see.

When we have MBST®, the radio wave is carrying the right frequency to be absorbed by the surrounding tissue. The devices work via chip cards and they come into play as these frequencies differ depending on what the tissue is that we are trying to act upon. When this ‘energy’ is absorbed by the tissue, it can then be used to recharge the cell as it is the right resonance. This means that, with repeated treatment, we can get the cell back to the right potential energy and healthily regenerate and turn back the clock on the cell making it “younger”. Having the chip cards reduces human error and ensures it increases the rate of success.

You may visit our Resource centre for studies and a much more scientific explanation. You may pass this information on to your current health professional you are seeing.

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