How MBST Can Help Your Pet

MBST is an effective therapeutic treatment used to relieve and improve symptoms of Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Tendonitis and degenerative disc disease. It uses the basic principles of MRI, but for healing instead of as a diagnostic technique. The therapy is not only for humans, but animals too, as much of the bone, tissue and joint problems […]

What You Need To Know About MBST

MBST is a revolutionary form of treatment for pain, problematic joints and many types of sports injuries. It is an excellent alternative to surgery and long-term medication. MBST uses the same fundamentals as MRI, but for healing instead of imaging. So, what are the side effects? How long does it take to recover? And, how […]

How To Treat Osteoarthritis Without Drugs

In order to review the best treatments for Osteoarthritis, it is important to understand exactly what the disease is and how it affects the human body. Also known as degenerative arthritis, Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic disease or condition of the joints. In a healthy joint, cartilage covers the end of each bone. Cartilage […]

MRI: A History

Who discovered MRI? And, when, how, and what are we using it for? It can be hard to fathom the complexity of such an advanced science, but it’s important to understand how it developed, what the benefits of it are and what it can do for us today. The history of MRI technology is vast. […]

What is MRI?

What is MRI? What does MRI mean? Where did it come from? And, how does it work? MRI is a complex topic to condense into layman terms, or to explain to your everyday patient, however, most of us want to know how it actually works. We all know an X-Ray can show us solid bones […]