Welcome to Cell Regeneration, where we provide patients with a pain-free, stress-free option to maintaining healthy joints and bones via the means of MBST – the leading musculoskeletal technology in the UK.

Working at a cellular level, to stimulate regenerative processes, MBST is the ideal alternative option to surgery and long-term medication for pain, joint problems and injury.

MBST Patient

Both medical and veterinary centres use MBST. It’s a non-invasive, risk free therapy to pain associated with arthritis, osteoporosis, general wear and tear or sports/accident injuries. Furthermore, elite sports teams trust our technology and knowledge to improve and enhance an athlete’s/animal’s career and life.

MBST Dog Patient

Patients who come into our centre trust and gain substantially improved and maintained mobility with less pain.

We constantly listen and support our patients and fellow health professional.

Wishing you the most active and a pain-free life.

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